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I would like to show you what I did so far.
So maybe somebody wanders around, finding my site, and, after seeing my portfolio pieces, thinks it might be a nice idea to let me design your logo, or a flyer, a poster or whatever.
You can also ask me about drawing your role-play character after your specifications (more specs means I am more likely to get the picture in your head).
You can also ask me, to work as a freelance translator - where I have some first experiences now.

I upload my most current pictures to Instagramm,
as well as some snapshots on the go, that will not be included here on the website:

So, you probably follow me better directly via (Mobile Apps) or with Webstagramm (that's were the link above leads to).

Just a quick word to navigating the following galleries: you can use your scroll-wheel to go back and forth, but you can just as well use mouseclicks on the left and right border of the images. All images of a page can be navigated through in a single row.

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