Well, then I just tell you a little something about me. I am Bernie - actual my name is Bernd, but somehow it changed over time, so now nearly nobody ever calls be Bernd. In the whole wide web you can also find we under the nickname "Whazbumm" - what's that about, you ask... well, theres a comic strip from a certain filosophical cat, where a similar term appeared (I can't say if that's the case only for the german version, but whatever - in german it was the sand-filled Zack-Bumm). So when the time came, when I had to choose a name for my very first roleplaying character ever, I had that Zack-Bumm in mind, but it was a long time ago, so I misspelled it - and it stayed until this day.

So I guess you wondered why this is called "Ber-Design", and I try to explain in short: I figure the design-part is pretty clear, which stems from my widespread artistic activities - pencil drawing, color images, doing flyers and posters on the pc, painting miniatures, design t-shirts and even translate roleplaying books from english to german. But why "Ber" or sometimes even "Bér"? Maybe you saw the little flash video on the starting page, where I try to explain a little bit more visually, but here in text form again: first of all, it's just short for Bernie/Bernd, secondly, if you take my initials BR, speak them individually (I just found out, that it doesn't really matter if you do that in english or german, cool) in german [Be:] like in best, and [eR] as in never - then push them together, that the two e's become one, which I changed back in the days to an "é" to signal it is a long e (like in bear, not in beer *g*). I did this back in 10th grade I think, and started to sign all my drawings and pictures with "Bér" - and it just stayed. (In the flash-video, I also explain shortly where my name comes from, just in case you wondered. It is from the old pre-medieval germanic language -I am no mediavist, so don't blame me if that's not totally correct in english terms, please- as a short form of Bernhard, which has the two word stems Bero and Harti in it, meaning Bear and Strong respectively.)

On the right column you see my short CV and what societies I was or stilll am in. Technically that is correct and complete, but just part of the whole picture, so some stuff is missing (like above mentioned drawing, painting, etc.). I also like games - tabletops, card games, board games - and so far I tried Kendo, TaeKwonDo and TaiChi. I am fascinated by Japan and its culture (try to learn japanese autoditactic for quite some while now- not so easy, I can tell you!), as well as celtic culture, and medieval ages, but I also keep updated on new technological issues and gadgets. I read a lot and fast (mostly english), collect certain comics (especially Snoopy and the Peanuts, Garfield), like and own a lot of movies, series, do geocaching, and so on and so on...

So, I hope you like my website, and my contents, and am happy you found your way here. Enjoy!


From my two-years in the US, I gathered some pictures and newslettes, as I send them home to my friends and family in Germany. I put them together on a special "USA-Page" if you are interested watching the pictures or reading the mails - I think it is pretty interesting (even for me) how I spent my time there, met people, learned about the american culture. But I am sorry, the newsletters are only available in german - it is just too much to translate right now.

About me

Name:Bernie RitzingerBernie
Date of Birth:18. November, 1975
Place of Birth:90765 Fürth, Germany.
Cuurent Status:Academic Assistant, M.Sc., Freelance Translator.

Short Resume

1982-1986Elementary School, Maistrasse, Fürth, Germany.
1986-1995Highschool, Helene-Lange-Gymnasium, Fürth, Germany - "Abitur".
1995-1996Civil Service, AWO, Fürth, Germany.
1996-1997Apprentice in Nursing School, Public Hospital, Fürth, Germany.
1997-1998Student of Electronic Engineering, University of Erlangen, Germany.
1998-2000Apprentice for Industrial Salesman, Mekra-Lang GmbH, Fürth, Germany - "Gesellenbrief".
2000-2002Student of Bioinformatics, University of Tübingen, Germany - "Vordiplom". (Teaching Assistant 2001-2002 for Professor Rosenstiel, Computer Engineering)
2002-2003Student of Bioinformatics, University of Tübingen, Germany - Graduate Studies. (Teaching Assistant 2002-2003 for Professor Rosenstiel, Computer Architecture and Computer Engineering)
2003-2005Student of Computer Science and Neuroscience, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, USA. - "M.Sc. (Master of Science)"
2005-2006Research Assistant for Professor Rosenstiel, University of Tübingen, Germany.
2006-2010Research Assistant for Professor Dr. Dr. Hans-Otto Karnath, University of Tübingen, Germany.
2011-2013Junior IT-Consultant for T-Systems, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.
2013-2015IT-Consultant for T-Systems, Leinfelden-Echterdingen, Germany.
2010+Freelance Translator (13Mann-Verlag, Uhrwerk Verlag,Heidelberger Spieleverlag, see publications )
2016-2018Academic Assistant at Project C@MPUS, University of Stuttgart, Section TIK, Germany.
2018+Academic Assistant/ CIO Staff Unit for Documentation and Service Desk Management, University of Stuttgart, Section TIK, Germany.

Technical and Professional Skills

Management (PLM with SE-Standard, ITIL Foundation Certificate)
Data analysis (Matlab, SPSS)
OS (Microsoft Windows, Unix)
Scripting Languages (LaTeX, HTML and CSS, Labview, e-Prime)
Office-Products (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
Graphical and Layout Programs (GIMP, Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Scribus, Adobe Acrobat, WordPress, Confluence)
Programing Languages (Java, Basic Knowledge in C/C++, Javascript, Eclipse RCP)
SQL and Databasesystems (Basic Knowledge), OTRS (Ticket System)
Websphere Application Server, MQ Explorer

Language Skills

English, fluent in oral and written communication.
Spanish, basic reading and oral communication skills.
Japanese, very elemental reading and writing skills.
Latin, basic reading skills (Latinum)
Other languages: minimal Knowledge out of interest Irish Gaelic and French.

Research and research interests:

Neuroscience, Neurocomputing and Neuropsychology.
Brain Computer Interface, Human Computer Interface and Neural Interfaces.
Neuropsychology: Visual Extinctions, Neglect and Simultanagnosia. TMS (transcranial Magnetic Stimulation).
ITIL: Service Catalogue Management and Service Desk Management.


Please see Portfolio, under "Publications".

Society Activities:

 Roleplaying Games:
2000+Troll e.V., Friendly Incorporated Tübinger Roleplaying Society, Tübingen, Germany. (Vice-President 2000-2003, Webmaster 2009-2010)
2001+Celtic Circle e.V., Friendly Incorporated Rolleplaying Society, Nürtingen, Germany. (Treasurer since 2008)
 Ballroom Dancing:
1995-19981st Fürther Latin Dance Formation, Dancing School Streng, Fürth, Germany. (Teaching Assistant for all levels of Ballroom Classes)
1997-2000Rot-Gold-Casino e.V., Nürnberg, Germany.
2004-2005UMass Ballroom Dancing Team, Amherst, MA, USA (Vize-President)
2006-2008TTC Rot-Gold Tübingen e.V., Tübingen, Germany.
2000+Castlearchers e.V. (until 2009 part of University Sports Department, since 2009 e.V.), Tübingen, Germany. (Webmaster until 2009, Beginners classes until 2008)
2005+Schützen vom Schloss e.V. (e.V. since 2008), Tübingen, Germany. (Vice-President since 2008 until 2013, Webmaster since 2005)

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